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An evil looking skull with two crossing guitars and wings. A true grunge style gothic looking skull t-shirts and gifts!


Environmental Polar Bear Florida Tote BagEnvironmental Polar Bear Florida Tote Bag
Product Information
A sad Polar Bear floating on a small chunk of ice as Global Warming continues to melt his Arctic refuge. Think Green t-shirts and environmental gifts! Spread the message to save the animal habitats!

See this design on great products for Florida Residents


Rock n Roll is my Life Skull T-shirts and Gifts

Rock n Roll is my Life T-shirts and Gifts for music fans

Rock n Roll is my Life is what this grungy looking Rock n Roll Skull design is screaming! Lots of great t-shirts and gifts for any music loving fan! Get yourself these gifts today!

Heraldry style crest for rock n roll fans!


If you are a sports fan of any sport, then I have a little treat for you! Check this out…. Skateboarders… you are gonna love this!

Skateboarders Hooded Sweatshirt

Skateboarders Hooded Sweatshirt

Eat, Sleep, Ride Skateboard Hooded Sweatshirt

Skateboarder pulling his skateboard up for a trick! Flourishes and Eat, Sleep Ride Skateboard banner for intense skateboarding attitude! Great for riders! Show the world your love for skateboarding!

Yea, I thought you would like this skaters design!
Now, for the good part, this is a series of designs, it is available for almost every sport you can dream of! Check it out at BuySportsGifts

I would like to show my readers a very cool store that has just been opened by a great friend of mine. This guy has several cafepress stores, with literately thousands of products in each one! His newest store is all about cool and trendy sports t-shirts and gifts! So if you are looking for gifts for a sports fan, then this store was tailor made just for you!

Introducing … Buy Sports Gifts!

Sports t-shirts and gifts

Check out Buy Sports Gifts brand new store today!

Thomas Carlson


The rock and roll God of Thunder has been breathing down my neck as of late! He is watching over me as I create a whole bunch of rock band lenses. At last count I am working on 40 lenses at the same time! It has been a huge task! I have the whole current top 20 list covered plus a bunch more! Bands like Seether, Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Egypt Central, and tons more.

Pick your favorite band and listen to some of the videos or purchase their newest CDs!


Two Fighters with a red and blue circle of Dragons and the center is full of tribal flamesDragon Fighters Mousepad
Two Fighters with a red and blue circle of Dragons and the center is full of tribal flames
These make perfect gifts for any Kung Fu fan!



Tonight I created a new design to add to my newest Kung Fu Tees cafepress store. A Red and White Yin Yang Symbol sits behind a very colorful Green and Yellow Dragon. Since Dragons and Yin Yangs have meanings in the Martial Arts and Kung Fu worlds, this yin yang and dragon design is a perfect fit! Check out all the cool products with this design


Yin Yang Dragon Mousepad

The Power of the Dragon has a symbolic meaning in the Martial Arts world! The Yin Yang symbol also has meaning in the Karate world! Dragon and Yin Yang t-shirts and gifts!


To celebrate the Grand Opening of my newest Cafepress store, I am running a sale on Ninja, Karate, Kung Fu, Martial Artist, and Dragon Wall Clocks! Click the image to see my kung fu themed wall clocks!Kung Fu Wall Clocks on  Sale